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The year in music: Wait, this isn't over yet?


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Chuck Inglish
I sort of figured that by the time I knocked off work on Friday—which, just to remind you, was December 30—I would be done writing about music that came out in 2011. I should have known better. A couple of Chicago beat makers slipped in just before the deadline and dropped a couple cuts that are worth noting.

Over the past few years Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids has earned a reputation as a producer that equals and in some corners exceeds his reputation as a rapper. On Saturday he posted a free download on his Tumblr of what I think is his first officially endorsed instrumental mix tape, WRKNG.. Though he's best known for making Rick Rubin-esque minimalist trunk bangers, WRKNG. has a relatively sunny and organic sound that nods toward several generations of funky California beat makers, from Egyptian Lover to Dr. Dre to Flying Lotus.

Like the Cool Kids, Flosstradamus spent much of the past few years building up a ton of hype without releasing much in the way of actual recordings, but recently the pair have changed that up. Hot on the heels of their footwork-influenced Jubilation EP, on Saturday they released a new track, "Total Recall," a piece of "Global EuroTrap" (their words) that with its combination of trance techno and blunted new-age music could be the heir to that one rave remix of the X-Files theme. You can stream or download it for free from Flosstradamus's SoundCloud page, or you can check out the cleverly low-budget video below.


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