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Emanuelism, my new best unbelievable faith


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I've been considering taking up religion for the New Year. I'm one of those recovering Catholics—I have fond memories of Saint Rita High School, especially the theology fables. Some years ago I wrote a Reader story on a debate in southern Illinois between a Baptist preacher and a member of American Atheists on whether God exists. I thought the infidel won, and I've been a heathen ever since.

But now I'm thinking of converting to Rahm Emanuelism. The perks sound great, at least the reincarnation bit.

In case you missed it, the mayor returned this week from a holiday trip to South America looking "tanned, rested, but no less driven," as Fran Spielman put it in the Sun-Times . His vacation had been "unbelievably good," he told reporters. He and his wife and their three kids took a whitewater rafting trip in Chile, they hiked in Argentina, and they spent New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires. “Every year, we try to take the kids to a different part of the world to see," Emanuel said. "When you … grow up again, you want to be an Emanuel child. It’s unbelievable.”

I had a good vacation, too—so good, I thought I'd died and gone to Rahm's house.

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