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From the ashes of Cacaw: Oozing Wound



Kyle Reynolds and Zack Weil in their previous band Cacaw
  • Kyle Reynolds and Zack Weil in their previous band Cacaw
Looking to take in some interesting sounds this weekend? While normally I'd never recommend anyone go to Crown Tap, it's hosting a great show this Saturday at 9 PM. Fielded headlines, with support from Mayor Daley and Oozing Wound. It's only the second gig for Oozing Wound, a new band that includes half of the defunct Cacaw.

The Cacaw members in question are Kyle Reynolds on drums and Zack Weil on guitar, but Oozing Wound drops the weirdness of their previous band and dives straight into intense, repetitive, disorienting, industrial-tinged thrash metal. As with pretty much everything these dudes do (the lineup also includes former, current, or sometimes members of Bad Drugs, Zath, Unmanned Ship, Ga'an, and like 200 other bands), it's big, loud, and scary. Combined with the synthy melodrama of Fielded and the Gypsy prog of Mayor Daley, it's sure to make for a fun, weird night. Just double up on socks, at least if you're gonna need to use the men's room at Crown—for some reason it's always flooded.

I checked YouTube for video of Oozing Wound's first show early last month and got smacked in the face with page after page of nauseating medical footage. I wouldn't suggest anyone follow in my footsteps. Instead, listen to one of their demo tracks here.