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Michelle to Barack: "Get Rahm outta here!"


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  • Chuck Kennedy/Wikimedia Commons
Well, if it wasn't obvious before, it's obvious now that the main reason Rahm Emanuel was available to be mayor of Chicago was because President Obama kicked him out of the White House.

First there was Confidence Men, Ron Suskind's book that revealed Oval Office spats between the president and Emanuel, his former chief of staff.

Now there's revelations in The Obamas, a new book by Jodi Kantor, about Michelle Obama's disdain for Rahm's foulmouthed foolishness.

So not knowing what else to do with him, President Obama essentially tag teamed with the Daley brothers to usher him in as our mayor.

Just like Mick and I told you way back when . . .

Somehow or other they concluded that the man who was incapable of running the White House was up to the task of running the country's third largest city.

Thus Emanuel was free to come to Chicago and wage war on . . .


Because as everyone knows—the problem that most ails Chicago is that too many people are reading.

One more time—thanks for nothing, Mr. President!

In other words, that whole spectacle that took place when Rahm left the White House on October 1 . . .

The one where the 150 White House staffers—including ten cabinet members—gathered in the East Room . . .

And President Obama said this is a "bittersweet day" and "Rahm has exceeded all of my expectations" (after he'd told reporters "Rahm would make an excellent mayor") . . .

And Rahm hugged the president. And the president hugged Rahm . . .

You remember that thing . . .

It was all a contrivance, cooked up by the boys and girls in PR, to give Rahm a face-saving excuse to get the hell out of town.

As in—here's your hat, what's your hurry?

And, of course, Chicago's enlightened electorate was only too happy to play its part, overwhelmingly electing Rahm largely on the grounds that if he's good enough for the president, he's good enough for us.

Ah, yes, Chicago's electorate—razor sharp, as always.

Well, there's two ways of looking at this . . .

On the one hand, if electing Rahm mayor is the price we must pay to save the Obama presidency and protect America from right-wing Republicans, well, then, Mr. President, that's a price I'm proud to pay.

On the other hand . . .

Dang, man, can't somebody else pay part of the price?

I mean, c'mon, Mr. President, can't you move him somewhere else before he completely decimates our libraries and gives away all our taxes to his rich cronies?

He apparently loves South America—that's where he spent his Christmas break. Is it too late to make him ambassador to Brazil?

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