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Money: What do you want with it?


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The movies stand in an interesting position in regards to money. While they can be the costliest art-making enterprises on the planet, they're one of the cheapest forms of art as far as consumers are concerned. The last time I volunteered at a soup kitchen, I spent more time than I'd expected talking about them. It was mid-summer, and some of the homeless men liked to spend whole afternoons at the movies because the theaters were air-conditioned. They'd seen everything that was out—I remember the one we all agreed on liking was Richard Linklater's Bad News Bears remake.

If movies offer the most democratic art-going experience, it's because their value is ultimately ephemeral. While one can technically "own" a movie on DVD, moving images lose all of their power once they stop moving. The best movies, then, remind us to take value in things money can't buy. And few movies remind us more bluntly than Hallelujah, I'm a Bum! Described by Jonathan Rosenbaum as "an eccentric and soulful anarcho-leftist fantasy," it boasts some very funny songs by Rodgers and Hart and some pun-heavy dialogue by Chicago legend Ben Hecht. It's well worth checking out, if you've never seen it. Here's my favorite scene:

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