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Refused and At the Drive-In: the reunions in tweets


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Luca Cimarusti wrote yesterday about the At the Drive-In reunion, but we'd be remiss if we didn't also acknowledge the news that came later in the day. The Swedish hardcore-punk monolith known as Refused—the same dudes who released one of the most presumptuously titled albums of the 90sis also reuniting and playing Coachella. I'm sure you already know this, because the Internet promptly had a series of seizures when it was announced, but I figured it'd be fun to troll Twitter and revisit the news of both reunions through tweets:

@FractionJack: Really unsure about these reunions. A lot of the chemistry these bands had was due to the fact the members hated each other #atdi #refused

@iamjstorm: They told me that the classics never go out of style, but they do. They do. #Refused #TheShapeOfPunkToCome

@LngSHT: "I've got a big ass check to pick with capitalism" #refused

@adam_t_ding: Anyone who is complaining about the Refused and ATD-I reunions must hate music. #atthedrivein #refused

@PANCAKESo: I want to ask who #Refused is, but the rabid internet music fans would eat me alive. I know this because I am a rabid music fan too.

@whateverImDrunk: People seem super stoked about this #Refused reunion. Figured I would listen to them again. Nope. Still just as terrible as when I was 17.

@douglaswalker: Goddamnit #Coachella, here's a bunch of my money. #ATDI #Refused #Radiohead #DrDre

@slovaksouthpaw: I'm looking forward to all the cell phone clips of bros flexing and chugging red bulls while listening to new noise. #refused #coachella

@cjmonaghanuk: Being told that #atthedrivein and #refused are both having reunion shows in the same night, may have set fireworks off in my penis.

@A_Gallacher: Gonna finish this economics essay, take off my shirt and listen to #refused. Rollllling back the years

@martinplanb: #refused #coachella #refused #coachella #refused #coachella #refused #coachella #refused #coachella #refused #coachella #refused #coachella

@thegarethowen: The band that influenced some of the worst music/fashion to affect the punk scene are reforming & I'm actually pretty chuffed. #refused

@CharisEdweeeeee: Getting pregnant at 17 was a bitch but now with #atthedrivein AND #refused coming back. I am so picking up where i had to bow out...

@THECULTUREOFME: If #atthedrivein and #refused don't tour after @coachella it will be the greatest death knell to the legend of rock 'n' roll.

@markygk: I'm done. #refused #ATDI