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Can it



Maybe it was inevitable. Cans started becoming more respectable several years ago when craft brewers decided that they were an acceptable vessel for their beers (Chicago's Half Acre sells almost all of its beer in cans). Then wine—still overcoming the stigma associated with boxes and screwtop bottles—started showing up in cans. Now there's Scotch in a can.

Scottish Spirits is about to start importing its three-year-old blended Scotch whiskey in 12-ounce cans (the equivalent of eight shots); they'll retail at $5 apiece. There's been criticism of the fact that they're not resealable, but I think that's missing the point: if you're buying a $5 can of Scotch you're most likely going to finish it in one sitting. Like the makers of canned wine and craft beer, the company says that a can is more convenient for people on the go. "A lot of people like to have beverages by their pool, on their boat, in a campground, at sporting events or tailgate parties," vice president of operations Ken Rubenfeld told the Huffington Post. And if you're thinking this is the lamest excuse ever for marketing booze to people with an "active lifestyle," you've never seen PocketShots.