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Brain Idea side project Outside World says hello


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Ben Scott playing with Brain Idea
  • John Yingling
  • Ben Scott playing with Brain Idea
Ben Scott, who plays bass and sings in local indie-rock trio Brain Idea, is introducing a cool new side project. (You might remember the name Brain Idea from this summer, when Scott's fellow front man, Joe Wetteroth, interviewed Kurt Vile for the Pitchfork edition of Artist on Artist.) Rather than build on the technical, heady sounds of Brain Idea, Scott's side project leans toward sunny pop.

The new band is called Outside World and features Scott on guitar and vocals and his girlfriend Hazel Rigby (who used to front underappreciated scuzzy punk band Big Knife) on bass and vocals. They've just posted three songs to their Bandcamp page, and they're the kind of warm, feel-good jams that remind me of some of Husker Du's poppier moments. The members of Outside World tell me they're going for a sound more like Polaris—the band responsible for the nostalgia-inducing theme song for Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Outside World is ready to start playing out, so stay tuned for shows.

I also want to address something that came up in the comments to my post about Oozing Wound last week. Not just me but the entire music staff of the Reader was accused of writing up only bands who are our friends in an attempt to "help" them. So OK, full disclosure: my band Heavy Times toured with Brain Idea in November. I met and became friends with them because I liked what they were doing—it's not like they were my friends first and then started Brain Idea. I'm just sharing some great songs that I think you should hear. Considering how little money there is to be made playing music, it's safe to say that this post is helping you more than it's helping Outside World.

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