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Five great songs about money


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Money comes in only slightly behind love, sex, and death in terms of subjects musicians write songs about. Maybe it's because capitalism has warped us all on such a deep societal level that our artists view the acquisition of wealth as on par with the more primal themes (love, sex, death) that we like our artists to deal with, or it could be the fact that it's notoriously difficult to make a survivable amount of money to live off of by playing music.

Either way, click through the jump to check out five songs that make the root of all evil tuneful.

The Magic Christian is one of the most entertainingly scathing indictments of humankind's intrinsic tendency towards greed that's ever been filmed, and Badfinger's "Rock of Ages"—which appears on the movie's soundtrack—is probably the best song about being pissed off at someone fucking with your cash flow. It doesn't quite make sense, but try not to think too hard about it.

One thing I've noticed about people who are really good at accumulating money is that they tend to not really get irony. Which makes me think that a lot of yuppies in the 80s dug this song without understanding its intent at all.

Barrington Levy is a consistent supplier of truth, which makes this track a valuable lesson in the event that I ever make enough money to attract hangers on who only like me because I'm rich. Which is right up there with my lightsaber training in terms of how likely I am to actually apply it.

Look, there are a million rap songs dealing with money. I figured I'd share one that you may not have heard before, from a mix tape that came out last year (Step Brothers) that is fully worth checking out.

For as cheesy as they obviously were even at the time, I'm glad the International Noise Conspiracy existed just for rescuing socialism from the MIM Notes people and making it sexy.

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