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AIA award for Poetry's fortress


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The American Institute of Architects announced this week that the Poetry Foundation’s new home at 61 W. Superior—designed by John Ronan—is one of nine winners of its annual “Honor” awards.

It's a remarkable achievement for the zinc-walled little fortress that from the street suggests Darth Vader’s headquarters.

And is cozy as a prison inside.

In case anyone's wondering what the jury was thinking, the AIA posted a few of their comments on its website:

This building unfolds as it is experienced and is sublime in its stillness and detailing.
From the street, one is seduced by is [sic] secrecy and upon entering its crafted inner court, the project is revealed much like a poetry reading.
The manipulation of light through sectional explorations and the weaving of its limited material use through its interiors are resolved exceptionally well.

So that explains it.

I guess this means the PF won’t be taking my advice on a fix.


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