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Beer that you wear, if you're lucky


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  • AJ Fosik
The annual winter onslaught of Facebook photos from friends' vacations to Los Angeles, New Orleans, or some decadent tropical destination never really irks me. You're sitting poolside in 72-degree weather—the temperature is always noted—drinking a Bloody Mary and reeking of suntan lotion? Good for you, I guess. I'll be hanging in Chicago, where the winters are appropriately cold and gray, and the summers are superior to any other city's in the country. I think I'll make it.

What does make me jealous each year, though, is when I happen upon AJ Fosik's collection of vintage beer sweaters. It's a fact that a slight percentage of my overall brainpower is devoted to the year-round dissection and pursuit of cheap domestic beer. So when the weather begins getting brisk and I start searching the Internet for warmer clothes, something subconsciously clicks in my brain, and I'm inevitably directed to Fosik's Flickr page of knit beer sweaters.

An artist born and raised in Detroit and now residing in Portland, Fosik claims the vintage sweaters were "rescued from moldy basements, plucked from dingy backwaters, and ripped from the backs of greasy shitleopards." Unfortunately, none of the promo sweaters are for sale—Fosik has them on display solely for your gawking pleasure. And I kind of hate him for it. (I'd donate my left kidney for the Hamm's work of art.)

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