See Kanye live at the Double Door (on video)



Kanye West in younger, more pixelated days
  • Kanye West in younger, more pixelated days
No performers like people watching old videos of them as teenagers just starting out, but Kanye doesn't seem to have much in the way of shame, so he's probably not super upset that someone's dug up footage of him performing at the Double Door in 1996 and posted it to hip-hop blog Or at least I haven't seen him going all-caps on Twitter about it.

There's actually not a lot for him to be mad about. Well, there's his outfit and hairstyle, which don't quite reach the standard of "couture space alien" that he's been sticking to for a minute, but his performance is pretty solid for someone who's just 18 or 19, as he was at the time. He definitely had the cocky persona down already, even though his surroundings were far from swagged out.

Check out the video after the jump.

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