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A real horse race


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  • TimShoesUntied
Today is one of happy confluence: the banal metacommentary surrounding the Republican presidential primary contest has given way, if only fleetingly, to very similar metacommentary about the Oscars. The process is tedious! The speeches suck! Predictions are useless! I say the nation’s political reporters give themselves the day off, and humbly suggest a few multipurpose quotes that can pull double duty. Most are from analyses of the nominations, but a couple are from reviews of the films themselves, and describe the fictional worlds they create—it's been said, after all, that politics is just Hollywood for rich white people. Or something like that.

“[T]he endless prognostications and odds-making (including my own) are, piece by piece, line by line, worthless, a waste of time and bandwidth”

“Couldn’t we find a way to make the speeches better, the races more competitive, the show less old-fashioned and stultifying?”

“People just blurt out their identifying traits; the dialogue is so blunt that it’s a little embarrassing.”

“'While everyone seems to agree with the intent and spirit of what they’re trying to do,' he says, 'my fear is that their greatest impact could be that they simply drive untoward campaigning underground and further muddy the process.'”

“it was a banner year for white people feeling good about themselves”

“Look Back with Bittersweet Nostalgia at the . . . Salad Days"

“Fortunately, the public seems finally to be losing interest.”


“They do like their codgers”

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