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One Bite: pickled garlic


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vampire repellent
You're feeling that faint scratch in the back of your throat. Your nasal passages are beginning to close. A dull ache tightens its grip on your joints.

The prescription: a squirt of echinacea, 500 mg vitamin C, 50 mg zinc, one raw garlic clove, all washed down with a shot of Wild Turkey. Or two. You'll be fine.

Unless that is, you refuse to ingest the garlic, because, I don't know, you'd rather wallow in your own phlegm for weeks than smell like a salami for a day?

I can't stress the importance of Allium sativum in the preceding cocktail. In addition to centuries of proven effectiveness against vampires, it is a known antiviral and antibacterial agent. But I understand, you can't have your pheromones polluted, so I'll suggest the next best thing:

Turkish sarismak tursusu, whole pickled garlic cloves in pepper sauce from Sanabel Bakery & Grocery, by way of acidic tempering, are your garlic chewables. At $3.49 for an 11-ounce jar, these actually have the benefit of tasting good, their inherent pungency tamed by acid and oil. Despite their fiery appearance, they aren't too spicy at all, and they make a natural addition to your Bloody Mary arsenal.

Sanabel Bakery & Grocery, 4213 N. Kedzie, 773-539-5409


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