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Get weird with Fantastic Planet on Saturday


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Odd Obsession's Foreign Film Series is featuring a viewing of 1973's Fantastic Planet this Saturday, January 28, at the Whistler. Produced in both France and Czechoslovakia, this animated classic, based on the French novel Oms en Serie, tells the story of a distant planet where humans are enslaved and exterminated by gigantic blue aliens. Along the way you witness an array of strange creatures, spooky alien meditation rituals, and a miniature human uprising.

The film's dull colors, disconnected voice-overs, and surreal imagery provide either the perfect cannabis companion or intense nightmare fodder or both, depending on what you're into. The viewing begins at 9 PM and is free.

You can view the trailer for Fantastic Planet after the jump.

Also of note: the film's soundtrack, composed by Alain Goraguer (best known for playing with Serge Gainsbourg), is outstanding. This psychedelic masterpiece is easy to find on LP at most local record stores.

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