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What not to drink



While Mike Sula is appraising superior cocktails from Yusho barkeep Alex Bachman, we here at the Reader have been gifted with tiny airline bottles of Naked Jay vodka, in plain, "whip cream," and pickle varieties. The PR contained a recipe that struck me as revolting:

Passion Pickle
1.5 oz Naked Jay Big Dill Vodka
5 oz Tang or orange soda

Combine in a highball glass and garnish with an orange slice.

Our editorial assistant and Manischewitz pro Asher Klein made off with half of the pickle flavor, but apart from that the trio has had no takers, and judging from some of the other recipes on the Naked Jay website, this seems wise on our part. The Pickle Theory combines Naked Jay Big Dill Vodka with Irish whiskey (!), the Skinny Dirty Bird Naked Jay Vodka with Diet Coke and vanilla extract, and the Screaming Jay Naked Jay Whip Cream Vodka with Irish cream liqueur and chocolate milk. And now Asher tells me he thinks the sip of pickle vodka he tried made him sick.