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This is how the Internet is supposed to work


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This is not Lauren
Last week, my friend Lauren lobbied via Gchat to have her recent I Saw You posting make it into print. (The Reader culls the online I Saw You submissions each week, adding only two or three to the issue's hard copy.) Apparently, she had partnered up with someone in a CPR class and regrettably walked away without a number or even a name—and she felt like this was worth fixing. Check out our conversation after the jump:

11:02 AM
Lauren: I posted an I Saw You. Hook a girl up with some print.
Me: Awwww, hell nah. When did you submit it?
Lauren: Just now.
Me: Tell me what it says.
Lauren: I met the man of my dreams in CPR class. We pretended to save each others lives all day yesterday, and I didn't even ask him his name. I have no shame.
Me: Tell me what it says. Copy/paste it.
Lauren: "You pretty much had me at La Bella Durmiente and I just may have swooned as you tended my knife juggling wounds. I didn’t catch your name but I feel no shame in wanting to hang out again. I’m not sure if winter indoor picnics exist, but I’ll pack a blanket in my backpack if you bring some of those famous mid-day meal snacks."


Me: This is fantastic. It'll be in there.
Lauren: Sweeeeeeet. No shame no gain.

(About 15 minutes pass.)

11:24 AM
Lauren: OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!


Lauren: HOLY SHIT! My mind = blown. I thought maybe I'd check just in case!!
Me: That's so great. Well, there you go. This is really pretty hilarious.
Lauren: Match made in life-saving heaven
Me: He's leaving town.
Lauren: They always are.