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12 O'Clock Track: Aosoth, "V"


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Last month an Invisible Oranges post titled "Top 10 Weird-Ass Black Metal Albums of the Year" reminded me about French trio Aosoth, who have some overlap in membership with the great Antaeus. I like the heavy low end in their sound, unorthodox in the genre; it gives the queasy, swooping dissonance in the guitars a kind of grotesque majesty. In this song—"V," from last year's III—I especially enjoy the way the blastbeat changes metabolism at 4:37 and again at 5:06. And how about that bass fill at 6:58, ladies and gentlemen! It's not every day you hear clear evidence that somebody actually played bass on a black-metal track.

Aosoth's label, Poland's Agonia Records, sent the 320 kbps MP3 that's embedded below. In the event that the Reader's Flash-based player won't work for you, the same song is also on Soundcloud, where it's worth visiting for the tags alone: devotion, YHVH, torture, salvation, self, mutilation . . .

Aosoth, "V"


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