Oscar-nominated short animations: Dimanche | Bleader

Oscar-nominated short animations: Dimanche


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All this week I'll be reviewing the Oscar nominees for best short animation, which open Friday at Landmark's Century Centre. Check back this time tomorrow for the next installment.

Presented by the National Film Board of Canada, Patrick Doyon's Dimanche shows another artist working quite agreeably with two dimensions. his flattened characters and perspectives contributing to the movie's gently sardonic gags. A little boy who lives by a train track flattens a coin under a locomotive and is then dragged to church by his parents, trailed by a trio of eyeless black crows whose constant cawing turns them into a goofy dark chorus. Luigi Allemano's score is witty throughout, like the sweet waltz with piano, tuba, and violin that emerges from the family's car radio as they continue on to the grandparents' house and cuts off when the car runs over a dog (to the crows' jubilation). You can check out a trailer for the film after the jump.

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