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More I Saw Yous!


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For this week’s cover story we sifted through about a year’s worth of I Saw Yous, and we found some real gems, a few of which we persuaded Johnny Sampson to illustrate. We also did a little embroidery of our own, and responded to the ads in whatever way felt most appropriate—emoticons, light verse, heavy sarcasm. Now, as Kevin Warwick explained yesterday, we’re inviting you to do the same in the comments section. I started to dig through the archives but realized a couple of recent I Saw Yous were as intriguing as anything we’d seen—here’s a back-and-forth that revolves around some dude’s mustache. You’ll notice that the location listing for the second one is “The Reader.” This Reader? I dunno! Are the calls coming from inside the building?

Anyway, take a crack if you want. Is this you? Do you want this to be you? Do you know any mustachioed car owners?

Taxi Girl, it's Mustache Man
On Sunday evening we were both headed south on Ashland near Wrightwood. I was driving and you and your friend were in a yellow taxi. You motioned for me to roll my window down, and I complied. I thought you might be lost or need help, but you just wanted to say, "That's the best mustache I've seen in years." While we drove side by side I asked where you two were headed but you said, disappointedly, "home." And then you were gone and I didn't even catch your name. Who are you? And yes, sometimes the mustache tickles. When: Sunday, January 29, 2012. Where: Lincoln Park area on Ashland. You: Woman. Me: Man.

A few days later:

Damn Mustache Man!
Taxi girl is right! You do have one heck of a 'stache! Hope you find her! When: Friday, February 3, 2012. Where: The Reader. You: Man. Me: Woman.

There's more tomorrow.