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Take a Sip: calamansi juice


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calamansi juice, Isla Pililpina
I've begun assiduously culling restaurants and chefs from my Twitter feed that tweet nothing but self-serving deals and specials or retweet Lady Gaga fans. I get more than enough of that in my PR-choked e-mail box. But one account I've kept aboard is Isla Pilipina's, a storefront Filipino joint that not only fries a mean pata but sends forth generally amusing tweets, even when touting their own dinuguan or dreaming of expansion.

They even occasionally draw me through the door, as they did earlier this month when they tweeted this:

Calamansi juice has arrived, Embrace your loved ones.

Calamansi is a small citrus fruit supposedly from China but now grown all over the world. It's held dear in the Philippines, where it's usually harvested when still green and sour and used in all sorts of savory and sweet applications (and sometimes as a degreaser or deodorant). The juice itself is yellow, and tastes like a cross between lemonade and pineapple juice. I purchased a sweet, refreshing, pulpless iced glass of it at Isla for around $2, but any self-respecting Filipino grocery should have it in frozen concentrate, liquid extract, or cans sweetened with sugar or honey, like the eight and a half ounce Gina brand found in the grocery next to Three Rs Cafe.

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