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Dance producers wish you a happy V-Day



Back in December a bunch of rappers sort of randomly decided to all release mix tapes on Christmas Day, and knowing how things work in rap, I'm guessing that releasing mix tapes on Christmas is going to be a thing now—which should improve the holiday, as long as the rappers involved stay away from actually sounding Christmassy. Today a good number of the dance-music producers in my Twitter timeline have been giving out Valentine's Day treats to their followers in the form of slightly more sexed-up than usual tracks and mixes posted to their SoundClouds. While I don't really need another reminder that my Valentine's plans so far consist of watching TV and smoking weed with a platonic female friend, I do appreciate that the sum total of sexed-up dance-music songs has been increased.

You can check out three of them after the jump.

Chicago-raised friend of the Reader Brenmar has recently been spiking 90s R&B with a serious dark streak that would seem more at home in the heaviest corners of the drum 'n' bass scene that was popping off at the same time. His remix of Before Dark's 2000 kinda-hit "Baby" is evidence that he's on to something.

Diplo made some serious ins in the hip-hop world with M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes," and his monstrous "Look at Me Now" beat for monstrous piece of human garbage Chris Brown has made Diplo tracks a new must-have look for rappers. But he's a way more flexible producer than he often gets credit for, and "Climax," the slow jam he dropped today, sounds perfect if your plans for tonight involve doing MDMA with your special someone.

Diplo's Mad Decent buddies Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix are on the third installment of their annual Valentine's jam, Luvstep. Unfortunately the Luvstep DJ tour isn't going to hit Chicago, but we can still enjoy the sonically edgy but boot-knockable mix they put online to celebrate.