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New York fashion week: Carolina Herrera


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  • Christopher Macsurak
Carolina Herrera isn't the edgiest designer—she's primarily known for dressing the well-to-do for expensive parties—but it's difficult to deny the prettiness of her work. For several pieces in her fall 2012 collection, she evoked the beauty of the twilit skies with shades of blue—a color that pleases (and looks good on) nearly everyone, yet is also mysterious and alluring.

The spirit of art deco was also present in the form of black scrollwork and silver flourishes sewn into dresses. In fact, a decidedly tactile quality was front-and-center in this collection, with dresses and ensembles that mixed printed, solid, knit, shiny, and matte materials in expert fashion.

  • Christopher Macsurak

While not straying far from her ladylike roots, Herrera did push the boundaries a bit, playing with proportions and prints to offer a fresh take on classic looks, like the skirt suit.

In this context, a rock-star graphic top and distressed sequinned skirt—while not a bad look—came off a bit like pandering to the youth market, or the teenage daughters of the proper ladies who make up Herrera's main audience. Not to worry—there were plenty of evening dresses to erase the memory of a minor misstep.