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British indie band reps for Chi-Town


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Before this afternoon I only really knew a few things about the Cribs: that they're one of those British indie guitar bands that the UK music press likes to go insane for every once in a while, that they were pioneers of the NSFW video trend, and that their song "Men's Needs" is pretty decent. Oh, and that Johnny Marr was in the group for a minute.

Then I ran across a post on Brooklyn Vegan Chicago (whose name, now that I think about it, probably looks like gibberish to anyone unaware of the original BV) announcing a new Cribs single called "Chi-Town," and a bit of follow-up research revealed that the band seems to have a bit of a thing for the City of Wind. For instance, their self-titled 2004 debut was produced by local pop weirdo Bobby Conn, and parts of their their upcoming In the Belly of the Brazen Bull (including, fittingly, "Chi-Town") were recorded at Electrical Audio with food blogger and online Scrabble enthusiast Steve Albini.

Musically the song sticks to the "Nirvana but more bubblegum" formula that the group does quite well. Lyrically there's a shout-out to the Logan Square Blue Line stop and what I'm guessing is a slightly veiled reference to the Rainbo Club's photo booth.

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