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In case you missed SNL's Bon Iver joke



Justin Timberlake makes a great Justin Vernon
  • Justin Timberlake makes a great Justin Vernon
Lately Saturday Night Live has been investing pretty heavily in hipsters, social-currency-wise, especially in terms of its music bookings—if the show's past overreliance on proven hit makers and irrelevant legacy bands promoting unexciting new albums was reminiscent of Rolling Stone, then recent appearances by virtual unknowns (at least to mainstream audiences) like Lana Del Rey and Sleigh Bells have been positively Pitchforkian. I haven't been a fan of every choice they've made recently—I had to turn off the episode Zooey Deschanel hosted before smirking ruiners of rap songs Karmin took the stage, because I was concerned that I might have done something rash and destructive out of anger—but I think the fact that I've seen more people actually seem to care about SNL's music bookings in the past few weeks than I have in years proves that they're on the right track.

In case you didn't catch this past weekend's episode, SNL pulled its indie leanings further into the show when surprise guest Justin Timberlake popped by a well-executed "Beyonce and Jay-Z have a baby" sketch to deliver an incredibly accurate and subtly devastating impression of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. (Key quote: "I fashioned this guitar out of a canoe and I wrote a song for your baby.") On one hand SNL risked alienating the sizable "Who is Bonny Bear?" crowd, but the fact that the writers trusted enough of their audience to be up-to-date on hip musical acts was a good look for the show. The fact that they accurately represent what Bon Iver looks like to anyone who isn't just madly in love with the dude's music is just a cherry on top of the whole situation.

And if you haven't seen the "Maya Angelou Prank Show" sketch yet, you should really do that now. Why worry about getting work done when you can be enjoying jokes about Dr. Cornel West instead?