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Misspeaking with forked tongue


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Rick Santorum's press secretary, Alice Stewart, tripped over her own tongue yesterday, she says. In an interview on MSNBC, she complained about President Obama's "radical Islamic policies." Later, she explained that she "misspoke"—she meant "radical environmental policies." She regretted the error.

This happens to me all the time. I'll be trying to say "We need to protect our environment," and it will come out "We need to protect our Islamics." When you think about it, "Islamic" and "environmental" are identical, except for their look, sound, and meaning.

Santorum, the former Pennsylvania sex offender, has been rising in the polls lately in the Republican primary race. Did I say sex offender? My typing fingers slipped—I meant former senator, of course.

Santorum is the kind of person who will punch you in the nose and claim he was really just checking his watch. He makes wacky remarks, then says he's been quoted out of context. (Google "Santorum defends remarks" for 38,400 results.)

Or maybe the remarks aren't so wacky, since they poll well with evangelicals. “Santorum knows exactly what he is saying and [is] doing it for a reason,” Mark McKinnon, who strategized for President George W. Bush’s campaigns, told the New York Times yesterday. “Santorum is too smart and too disciplined for his comments to be mistakes.”

So expect a few other miscues and apologies from the Santorum campaign in days to come. Such as:

"In last night's debate, Rick Santorum meant to refer to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission—not, of course, the Negro Regulatory Commission, as he inadvertently said."

"Former Senator Santorum's statement yesterday, in which he called President Obama a 'radical socialist commie Muslim Marxist' was in error. 'Muslim' was in an earlier draft, and was supposed to be edited out. We regret the mistake."

"This morning, the Santorum campaign criticized Newt Gingrich's super PAC. Due to a typographical error, we unintentionally called the former speaker a 'super prick,' for which we apologize sincerely."

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