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One bite: chorizo



Chorizo has been a hot topic lately on the Bleader, from the fake-meat variety made by local seitan purveyors Upton’s Naturals to the elusive green chorizo that Mike Sula discovered at the Butcher & Larder. Coincidentally, I also came across some notable chorizo recently at Publican Quality Meats, though it wasn’t green or seitan-based—it was just really good. I happened to be in the neighborhood, and stopped by the store with nothing specific in mind. Noting some promising-looking links hanging in the deli case, I asked if they had chorizo.

They did, both the Mexican-style fresh kind and Spanish-style cured kind. The guy behind the counter gave me taste of the Spanish-style one, garlicky, smoky, and ever so slightly spicy. Did I want a whole link? I did. The taste lingered in my mouth during my bike ride home (that may sound unpleasant, but wasn’t). Once I got there, I managed to wait an entire three hours to tear open the white butcher paper. The flavor was as intense as I remembered, and the texture—coarser than most chorizo, with fairly big chunks of fat—surprisingly pleasant. I bought plenty because it keeps well, but it's disappearing so fast that its longevity isn't likely to be an issue.

Bonus: while looking up chorizo online, I came across this post, which includes a graph of Spain's annual chorizo production (65,000 tons) as it compares by weight to elephants and Boeing 747s. There should really be more chorizo graphs in the world.

$7.99 per pound, Publican Quality Meats, 825 W. Fulton, 312-445-8977