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Condiment Time: Futters Pumpkin-Seed Butter


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ants on a log
Saint Patrick's Day is looming, and I find myself increasingly eating green. Today it's ants on a log made with Futters pumpkin-seed butter. The Buffalo Grove-based nut-butter maker pastes pretty much any nutmeat (Brazil, macadamia, pecan, etc) in a gluten-, dairy-, and (yes, really) peanut-free facility, which should make them viable for even the most intolerant goober prohibitionist.

Futters boasts of all the crap their minimally processed, often raw, all-natural or organic butters don't have: no salt, usually no sugar, no preservatives, no additives, and no cholesterol. It's the pure taste of the nut without the hassle of mastication. But you can add any of that stuff yourself with recipes like banana-pumpkin-seed-butter bread and pumpkin-seed-butter brownies. You can find it, and other varieties, at $10 for a nine-ounce jar at Chicago's Downtown Farmstand.

I'll have a green eat that's legitimately Irish for you next week.

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