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Ideological migration we can believe in


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ideological migrators
The "stubborn question" remaining about Mitt Romney, the New York Times asserted after his primary wins Tuesday: "Can a onetime Northeastern governor with a history of ideological migration win the Republican presidential nomination in the era of the Tea Party, with all its demands of political purity and passion?"

Took the words right out of my mouth—especially the part about "ideological migration."

In Romney's defense, I say it's a politician's prerogative to ideologically migrate. And doesn't Newt Gingrich have a history of spousal migration to overcome? Rick Santorum supports an electrified fence to prevent illegal ideological migration, but has ideologically migrated on its voltage. Probably the only candidate safe on the key IM issue is Ron Paul, whose last ideological migration was as a teen during World War I, when he switched from Wildroot to Brylcreem.

For all we know, Romney may be addressing his IM problem at secret meetings. ("My name is Mitt, and I am an ideological migrator.")

Ideological migration has been a significant challenge for me. My wife and I struggle with it in video stores: no sooner do we settle on one flick than we ideologically migrate to another. Before we know it, we only have time left for a 10-minute film, which at least reduces the ideological migration potential. But this is actually videological migration.

Back in the day, "ideological migration" was "flip-flopping." But why say in three syllables what you can say in nine?

I generally favor simple expressions, but I'm starting to IM on this one. Ideological migration clearly sounds more impressive than change, or changing one's mind. And I can see others IMing to it as well.

While waiting at a red light yesterday, I was thinking of the possibilities if ideological migration slips into popular usage:

"If you ideologically migrate about our magazine in the first 60 days, you may cancel your subscription and receive a full refund."

"It looked like Adam Dunn was going to take the pitch, but at the last moment you could see him ideologically migrate, and he waved at it for strike three."

"The room was so small, a person had to step in the hallway to ideologically migrate."

"How many shrinks does it take to ideologically migrate a lightbulb? Only one, but the lightbulb has to really want to ideologically migrate."

Then the light ideologically migrated to green, and I was on my way.