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The Alinsky file—latest shocking developments!


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Pam Dickler was at work Monday in New York City when the phone rang. It was a guy calling from a 773 number, and it was about the play she’d directed back in Chicago for the Terrapin Theatre in 1998, The Love Song of Saul Alinsky. This was the play the late Andrew Breitbart had just written about in his last, posthumously published blog post. Barack Obama had been on a panel that talked about Alinsky after one of the Sunday performances, and to Breitbart this was highly suspicious, even more evidence (as if the right-wing needed more) that Obama was a radical lefty.

The caller asked Dickler if a video existed of the play and, if so, could he see it? Who are you with? Dickler asked. Nobody, said the caller. He was just curious.

Dickler recalled that one of the performances had been taped—by a single camera at the back of the house. Theaters frequently make tapes of their shows for their archives. “It’s not something the public is ever meant to see,” Dickler tells me. She says she’s never watched the tape and isn’t sure where it is, or what format it was shot in, or whether 14 years later it’s even watchable.

But the play, by Herb Schapiro, has been published, and Dickler suggested her caller order a copy from Amazon. After he hung up she googled the name and phone number and traced the call to a prominent real estate firm in Chicago.

The next thing Dickler knew she was part of a cover-up.


That's the headline that screamed across the top of Breitbart's legacy website, According to "sources," said the story by Ben Shapiro, Dickler had a tape of the play “and she won’t release it.” Dickler had told “our source” (now there was only one), “No one is going to see the tape.”

Shapiro concluded, “If the play’s so harmless, why are Obama’s allies hiding it? Why not release the video tape?”

When I talked to Dickler late Monday night (Tuesday morning in New York) she was slightly beside herself. “Its not like I won’t release it like it’s something secret. It’s archival footage for the theater,” she said. “The story spins and spins and spins. I don’t get why they’re so angry. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t appreciate Saul Alinsky was trying to help the underdog. To call him un-American is un-American.”

Here's a taste of the blogs and e-mails Tuesday brought.

Pam Dickler, A treasonous obamabot. This woman has the audacity to openly state that NO ONE will see this play, with obvious damning facts about OBUMMER... She should be charged with treason. She is hiding something she KNOWS will be bad for obummer, we the people have a right to know.”

“Do the right, honorable thing for AMERICA and release the tape.”

“I thought you folks on the Left are interested in the TRUTH? I guess I was wrong! Release the tape!”

"Release the tape and let the chips fall where they may. No president should ever be actively protected from the citizens or the media, REGARDLESS of their do the right thing and release the tape."

“You owe it to our country, to its posterity, to us citizens, to release the Alinsky tape featuring Barack Obama as a named panelist. We deserve to know who, what, when, and where, his idealogy was shaped. The vetting process was never done before the 2008 campaign, thus depriving millions of voters critical information necessary to evaluate, compare and choose their candidate(s). I trust you will honor the tape release request in the interests of our country....”

This last e-mail was CC’d to Sean Hannity at Fox News.

If a tape of the performance were somehow to make its way into the public arena, I suppose the first thing Obama’s critics would notice is how cleverly he managed to remain not merely off-camera but out of the script. How clever it is to have nothing to do with something that would be completely incriminating if it turned out you did. What's incriminating about a connection to Saul Alinsky? It's simple: the less you know about him the shiftier he gets.

Dickler works for Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, whose production of Godspell is now running in Circle in the Square Theatre. "We could all learn a lot from Godspell—like love thy neighbor and that it is good to help those less fortunate than ourselves!" Dickler e-mailed me.

Then maybe that's the video she should release.

On another front, I'm beginning to wonder if our patriots on the right might be seeking Saul Alinsky’s baleful influence in the wrong places. These pictures tell a troubling story.

That's George Romney, father of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, shaking hands with the notorious radical.

Here, thanks to Buzz Feed, are more pictures of the rendezvous.

Mitt Romney is in the awkward position of believing he cannot afford to acknowledge the two things in his life about which he ought to feel proudest: his universal medical plan for Massachusetts, and his father. When Newt Gingrich rails, "I believe in the Constitution; I believe in the Federalist Papers. Obama believes in Saul Alinsky and secular European socialist bureaucracy." Mitt Romney says nothing. He dare not put in a word on Alinsky's behalf. But how can he speak against him?

George Romney and and Saul Alinsky were not merely casual acquaintances. Buzz Feed tells us that after the Detroit riots of 1967 Romney, then governor of Michigan, turned to Alinsky for advice. Citing a 1968 book, Romney's Way, Buzz Feed says Romney told his allies, "I think you ought to listen to Alinsky. It seems to me that we are always talking to the same people. Maybe the time has come to hear new voices."

By that time, according to T. George Harris, the author of Romney's Way, Alinsky had known George Romney for years and admired him for his "unique political insight."

Some conservative patriots hold that one drop of Bolshevik blood is enough to make you a Bolshevik. Does Mitt Romney have that drop? Perhaps a photo will surface of Saul Alinsky tousling young Mitt Romney's hair, and the scandal will drive Mitt out of the race.

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