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Easing into men's fashion


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A gentleman of my acquaintance sighed recently as he considered a pile of his boots and shoes. “The trouble with men’s clothing is that it’s all the same,” he said.

Well—yes and no. Certainly Western men’s fashion hews to the same general silhouettes much more than women’s, the occasional foray into more radical looks notwithstanding.

But that doesn’t stop plenty of guys from making strong style statements. What’s more at play, I suspect, is a lack of time, money, and/or know-how. Others are afraid to venture beyond what they're already comfortable with.

Guys, there’s no need to jettison your wardrobe of button-downs and corduroys for bowling shirts, nerd glasses, and a fedora right away. As with many endeavors, the key to building style confidence is to start slowly. Here are a couple of ways the style timid can start integrating some changes into your look without raising too many eyebrows. Call it a stealth makeover.

1. Experiment with bright color—but keep the cut traditional. The shock of a vivid hue is mitigated when it's in an everyday item of clothing, such as jeans or pants. There are entire blogs devoted to red trousers, but you could do bright blue, yellow, or green. No fussing about with patterns or stripes—it’s just one color. Ta da. And if the Gap is selling them (1969 skinny fit jeans, above, $69.95 at gap.com), how outré can they be?

If pants seem a bit much, the classic crew neck sweater or a button-down can be less scary. RVCA Men's That'll Do oxford, $53.95, at Amazon.com.

2. Get a snazzy jacket or coat. Again, little commitment here, unless you spend all of your time outside. Plus it’s pretty hard to go wrong with outerwear.

A classic trench always looks sharp and suits almost everyone. Twill trench, $134.29 at Asos.com.

  • kennethcole.com

A good coat says, "I'm an adult who takes responsibility for how I look." Wool car coat, $219.50 at kennethcole.com.

3. Accessories, accessories, accessories. Not only an easy way to dip your toe in the pool, but a cost-effective one too.

  • rugby.com

It was good enough for grandpa—why not for you? Gun club driving cap by Rugby Ralph Lauren, $59.50 at rugby.com.

Hold the skull ring and bring on the leather bracelet ($110 by Giles & Brother, at revolveclothing.com).

Quirky socks are always a safe choice to highlight your inner eccentric. Paul Smith socks, $35 at bloomingdales.com..


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