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Robertson renounces crusade on drugs



The Christians right!
Pat Robertson supports marijuana legalization! That's weird. I missed this article in the Times yesterday, which mentioned that Robertson discussed the issue on The 700 Club last week (I missed that too). “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” he said to the Times. “I’ve never used marijuana and I don’t intend to, but it’s just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded.”

Robertson also discussed whether he'd campaign for laxer marijuana restrictions in Colorado and Washington, where the issue's before voters this fall.

For his part, Mr. Robertson said that he “absolutely” supported the ballot measures, though he would not campaign for them. “I’m not a crusader,” he said.

Perhaps he was hipped to the marijuana issue by the same guy who wrote to us late last year after we published the story "The Politics of Pot." He offered a biblical justification for weed:

Dear Editor of the Chicago Reader,

Another reason to legalize and regulate the relatively safe plant cannabis (marijuana) that doesn't get mentioned (The Politics of Pot, Dec. 1, 2011) is because it is Biblically correct since God indicates He created all the seed-bearing plants, saying they are all good, on literally the very first page (see Genesis 1: 11-12 and 29-30). The only Biblical restriction placed on cannabis is to accept it with thankfulness (1 Timothy 4: 1-5).

God knows cannabis should never have been prohibited from the beginning.

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