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A retraction: Sorry, Mr. Mayor



If only newspapers had access to as much money as Mayor Emanuel.
  • If only newspapers had access to as much money as Mayor Emanuel.
Woke up this morning to discover the Reader was on the block.

Then I opened my water/sewer bill from the city and saw that the fees went up.

Ouch, double whammy. How much can one guy take in one day?

For the record, I hope the Reader’s sales price is keeping pace with the escalating cost of my water/sewer bill. Just last fall, I paid about $250. This time it's close to $300. That’s almost a 20 percent increase, for you math-challenged folks at home.

Not sure where all that water/sewer money’s going. As Mick and I reported, a lot of it flows into a giant slush fund, which the mayor’s free to spend as he wants.

Like with the TIFs, my all-time favorite mayoral slush fund.

In fact, it might be a good idea to think of all the money you pay to the city for anything—parking tickets included—as part of a giant slush fund the mayor spends as he wants.

If only newspapers had access to as much money as Mayor Emanuel.

By the way, whenever there’s a story abut changes at the Reader, I get an e-mail or two from folks still upset about some of the more critical things I wrote about Mayor Daley.

They generally go like this: Ha, ha—I hope you lose your job.

They're a warm and loving bunch, those old Daley guys.

Back to the pending sale….

According to news accounts, the people who own the Sun-Times have been approached to see if they want to buy the Reader.

I had mixed feelings when I read this. On the one hand, I’m a loyal, longtime, home-subscribing Sun-Times reader—it’s the first thing I read every morning!

So that should count for something.

On the other hand, the new owners of the Sun-Times include some of Mayor Emanuel’s closest supporters.

And, well, as you all know, I've been kind of rough on the mayor lately.


At this point, I’d like to make the following retraction….

I take it all back, Mr. Mayor. I didn’t mean any of it. Mick made me do it—I swear!

I wish they’d let you keep that G8 summit. In fact, if you want, just take my $300 water/sewer check and use it for your NATO party.

Although, now that I think about it, you’re probably already planning to do that.

Oh, well—let’s see where the future takes us.