Starting today on the Bleader: Disparity Week | Bleader

Starting today on the Bleader: Disparity Week


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In recognition of the age of disparity in which we now live—as evidenced by the racial disparity in marijuana busts, the economic disparity between the 1 percent and the rest of us, and the value disparity between the cost of long-form journalism and the amount people are willing to pay—we’ll be devoting this most recent installment of our weekly Variations on a Theme series to things that just aren’t fair.

We’ve got disparity on the brain in the aftermath of Steve Bogira’s two-part series "The Color of His Skin," which ran last week and the week before. The narrative explores the 1971 killing of 21-year-old Joe Henson, a black man shot dead following an altercation with a group of white teenagers. The story is the equally tragic inverse of Bogira’s two-part series from last fall, "The Price of Intolerance," about the 1970 killing of two white children following similar racial tensions in a neighborhood near where Henson was killed. Unlike the black perpetrator in the 1970 shooting, the white suspects in Henson’s killing never went to prison.

In case you missed our prior Variations on a Theme installment, feel free to return to Obsolescence Week (VHS! Reel-to-reel!), a thinly veiled bon voyage to our old website. And be forewarned that next week is Booze Week, in honor of our soon-to-drop Neighborhood Bar Guide. You'll definitely want to stick around for that one.