On tap for Navy Pier: a swimming pool in the lake? | Bleader

On tap for Navy Pier: a swimming pool in the lake?




Help! We're in danger of buying a swimming pool for Navy Pier. Never mind that the pier sits on a large body of water and is located right next to a beach. The folks in charge—that's the board of Navy Pier Inc.—voted this morning to award the pier redesign job to a New York firm, James Corner Field Operations, best-known for its High Line project, which transformed an abandoned railway viaduct in Manhattan into a mile-and-a-half-long park.

Corner's proposal for the pier design competition features a large pool along the southeast edge. On the upside, his team includes some familiar Chicago names, like Ed Marszewski (of the MDW and Version fairs and so much more) and designer Bruce Mau (Toronto-based but local living).

If we don't want to turn the pier into a community swim venue, there's apparently still time to let it be known. Navy Pier Inc. board president Marilynn Gardner noted in today's announcement that "Initial concepts are rarely, if ever, the end product themselves."