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12 O'Clock Track: Future of the Left, "Sheena Is a T-Shirt Salesman"



There are so many things to say about today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Sheena Is a T-Shirt Salesman." There's the fact that it's the first single off The Plot Against Common Sense, the forthcoming full-length from Welsh punks Future of the Left, whose Travels With Myself and Another was one of my favorite albums of 2009. There's its tongue-in-cheek title, a not-so-subtle call-back to the Ramones' classic "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" that points up the band's frustrations with the state of the music marketplace. There's its hilarious video, with guys in blue zentai suits running around the band with giant signs that work like annoying YouTube pop-up ads. (Fortunately, the video posted below is free of actual pop-up ads, so you can read signs like THIS SONG CONTAINS 50% LESS FAT free of distraction.)

And there's the fact that the song is a short-and-sweet burner, propelled by buzz-saw guitars and the searing bark of front man Andrew "Falco" Falkous. I could go on about the deeper meaning of every lyric, but you'd probably do better to read Future of the Left's blog. In the most recent entry (from mid-January), Falco discusses, among other things, the cost of devoting his life to his band: "You try explaining to potential employers the difference between 'holiday' and 'work' when you're so desperate for money that you'd eat at McDonald's if someone paid you enough."