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I got a John Herndon tattoo


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Last August I blogged about the new side hustle Tortoise drummer John Herndon has: putting idiosyncratic and completely incredible artwork on people's bodies. In the post I said, "I plan on getting one as soon as possible," but because I'm kind of a total baby about getting tattooed, "as soon as possible" turned pretty easily into "approximately seven months."

Then I had two epiphanies while I was in Texas recently. The first, which came to me as I was driving my band's van across a vacant stretch of highway while blasting the Misfits's Static Age LP, was that while I wouldn't call them the "best" band of all time (whatever that means), there is probably no rock band ever that I like listening to as much as the Misfits. (It sort of brought that home when my bandmate pointed out that I have a whole vocabulary of Danzig-inspired hand and arm gestures that I do while listening to them.) The other was that I should finally get the Misfits tattoo that I've been talking about for years, and that it would be the perfect opportunity to finally get inked by Herndon. After a chance run-in with him outside the Empty Bottle on Friday, we made it happen.

Enlarge-able above is the ink in question: Herndon's take on the iconic Crimson Ghost mascot and a line from "Hybrid Moments," which anyone in their right mind will tell you is the best Misfits song. Below, the "Hybrid Moments" video.

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