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New York Times Corrections Editor
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  • New York Times Corrections Editor
Recent corrections in the New York Times:

Huge mistake

A "Political Memo" article about the Republican presidential primary misquoted a senior aide to Newt Gingrich about the release of his February financial report. "The senior aide said the campaign was expecting to show a 'nice chunk of debt' from the month. He did not say it was expecting to show a 'huge chunk of debt.'”

Unacceptable error

An article about the challenges of revising operas and musicals "referred incorrectly to the composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim’s position on what kinds of changes he would permit to his own works. He responded 'No, no, no' when asked if it would be acceptable—not unacceptable—to cut a ballad and the choruses from his musical 'Sweeney Todd.'”

Splitting the NCAA Pool-ey

A picture caption accompanying an article about first-round games in the women’s NCAA basketball tournament was erroneously credited. "The photograph of the game between Florida and Ohio State was by J. D. Pooley of The Associated Press; it was not a 'pool photo by J. D. Ey.'"

Tall story

An article about office designs misstated the height of a building in Tacoma, Washington. "It is 12 stories high, not 16."

Lyrical misquote

An article about Argentine actress Elena Roger, starring in a Broadway revival of Evita, misquoted her quoting of the lyrics to “What’s New, Buenos Aires?” "Ms. Roger correctly said, 'Rio de la Plata, Florida, Corrientes, Nueve de Julio.'—not 'Rio de la Plata, Florida, Nuevo de Corrientes.'”

Blatant misspelling

A critic's notebook article misspelled the name of the main character in The Kreutzer Sonata, a novella by Tolstoy that has been adapted for the stage. "He is Pozdnyshev—not Pozdynyshev."

Mounting errors

An article about the growing popularity of mixed martial arts misstated part of a cheer shouted by fans during matches. "It is 'Get the mount!,' not 'mouth.'”

A correction that was fun.

A critic's notebook article about the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin "rendered the name of a New York City band incorrectly. It is fun.—with a period after the lowercased name, not before it."

In that case, we'll pass

A real estate item about a two-bedroom condo listed for $1.55 million in Battery Park City "misidentified the river it overlooks. It is the Hudson, not the East."

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