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Turn dah ever-loving lights back on . . .


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Marvin Tate
  • Eric Shropshire Photography
  • Marvin Tate
Marvin Tate and Dave Hilliard go way back. They first collaborated in the mid-90s when Hilliard played drums in Tate's Chicago-based band, D-Settlement. Tate is a poet and musician who has worked in Chicago for a number of years, and Hilliard (who’s group Low Tide Trio I recommended a few weeks ago) recently returned here after spending a few years living down south and touring with David Byrne. “We got the same underdog temperament and the same spiritual vibe,” says Tate of his friendship with Hilliard. “There is something about playing in this ‘postrace’ society with someone who looks like you, but don’t use race as a crutch.” This Saturday Tate and Hilliard will reconnect for a new collaboration Tate calls "Turn dah ever-loving lights back on (The Trials and Tribulations of the Amazing Mr. Orange)."

“To tell the truth, we don’t fully know what Saturday will look like. But we want to stretch our musical personas beyond ‘raucous soul man’ and ‘funky, cool drummer.’” Saturday’s set promises to be a collision of spoken word, story, funk, kitchen sink, and an homage to Tate’s recently deceased brother. Tate describes the night as "a vaudeville hybrid with soul." While "The Amazing Mister Orange" is a work in progress, Tate still has tangible goals for the performance. “I believe in cross-pollination, creating a new dialogue and awakening the senses. Our goal is to create an oasis that erases boundaries of audience and performers through unexpected pleasurable chaos.” Poet Reggie Eldridge also performs.

"The Amazing Mister Orange" this Saturday, March 31, at Elastic Arts Foundation, 2830 N. Milwaukee. 9 PM, $7.

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