Army & Lou's mounts a comeback, and other food news bites



Call it a comback

The late, great Army & Lou's is making a comeback, says Grubstreet. If one more venerable soul food spot rises from the dead, it's a trend. C'mon Izola's!

More notable food news, and other ramblings, after the jump.

Ellen Malloy made a CAFO mom cry yesterday.

Is the Michigan DNR trying to prohibit heritage swine breeds? The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is worried.

The great Italian sundries and sandwich shop J.P. Graziano expands its hours.

Dale Levitski's Frog & Snail: open for lunch.

Phillip Foss gets snacky at El Ideas.

Oh no—we're losing a Top Cheftstant! Yay—we're gaining a Top Cheftestant!

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