12 O'Clock Track: Action Bronson & Party Supplies, "Hookers at the Point"


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Action Bronson
  • Action Bronson
The best rap record of the year so far? Probably Blue Chips, the mix tape from rapper Action Bronson and producer Party Supplies. Bronson is a big, ginger-bearded white guy from Brooklyn, and Party Supplies is a take-no-prisoners beat maker—the last time I saw him, he was on the roof of a building at a Wicker Park block party, performing a live set with an MPC to a parking lot full of early-day-wasted people. Together the pair are brilliantly anarchic, with Party Supplies pulling samples from the unlikeliest of places and Bronson attacking the microphone like the feral heir to Ghostface's crown.

The song "Hookers at the Point" and its accompanying video do a good job portraying the parts of New York City at the fringes of the past decade's gentrification. Check out both after the jump.


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