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Living for the city: arty stuff to do this weekend


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Catherine Brooks
  • Catherine Brooks
Solar Complex

Artist and print-maker Catherine Brooks is inspired by ethereality. Her interest in new age ideologies, ancient divination systems, and hippie ephemera materializes in her latest show as the “Solar Complex.” Brooks’s etchings are layered in color and symbols, creating imaginative landscapes. Brooks is currently assistant director and master printer at Black Shamrock Press in Chicago.

Fri 4/6, 7-10 PM, Adventureland Works on Paper, 1513 N. Western Ave #102.

The Profane Illumination

James Jankowiak grew up in Chicago and mentions many hometown influences, from street culture to the dinosaurs exhibit at the Field Museum. Jankowiak’s first solo show opens tonight at Johalla Projects. “The Profane Illumination” is a large (and brightly colored) body of work including paintings and installation pieces.

Fri 4/6, 7-10 PM, Johalla Projects, 1821 W. Hubbard, Suite 110.

A Provisional Proposition

In "Provisional Proposition," Katherine Desjardins creates a site-specific performance in which three local butchers will "process" the artist's 100-foot drawing. According to Desjardins the piece is, in part, a tribute to Brazilian conceptual artist Lygia Clark's piece "Caminhando." This performance is Desjardins's Chicago debut.

Sat 4/7, 5-7 PM, Kasia Kay Art Projects, 215 N. Aberdeen.

Black, White, Gold

Casualiving is an art group based in the West Loop that has hosted more than 50 concerts, art shows, dinners, dance performances, and other happenings since its founding in 2005. This weekend, several members will exhibit their work in the group show “Black, White, Gold.”

Sat 4/7, 7 PM-3 AM, 119 N. Peoria 3B.

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