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One Bite: habas con chile y limon


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like Doritos, only better

In the universe of Mexican snacks, or botanas, I'm most partial to habas con chile y limon, or fried broad beans (aka favas) with chile and lemon powder. Among all the other nuts, legumes, and seeds (peanuts, Japanese peanuts, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, pistachios, etc.) that you can find seasoned in this particular spice blend, the habas take to it best, almost developing a Dorito-like texture and flavor.

You can find these near the checkout line at any self-respecting supermercado, corner store, hell, even Walgreens, but I'm partial to the San Miguel brand, a distributor of many Mexican food products headquartered in Little Village right across 26th from the Cook County Jail. They're usually lighter and easier on the molars than other labels.