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12 O'Clock Track: Drake, "HYFR"


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Drake knows how to party
  • Drake knows how to party
For a solid week, in order to "celebrate" Passover, I restricted my diet to matzo and any foodlike substance I could spread on it. Though this regimen quickly got, um, stale, I've grown to love the traditions of this annual Jewish holiday—even when hourlong seders have kept me waiting for dinner till long after I really wanted to eat. In fact, lengthy rereadings of what happened to the Jews way back when in Egypt-land can actually be pretty fun. It all depends on the company you keep.

I bet Drake's seders are downright fantastic. At least that's the impression that I get from the video for today's 12 O'Clock Track, "HYFR," which debuted at the beginning of Passover.

This sleek tune, from last year's excellent Take Care, soundtracks a short film of Drake's re-bar mitzvah, which ends with a shirtless Lil Wayne smashing shit up at an insane afterparty in a smoke-filled ballroom as attendees grind away in the background. I bet "Drake's re-bar mitzvah" will be a popular theme for real-life bar and bat mitzvahs within the next few months.