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Finally, a way for women to understand wine


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If youre this fashionable, you may just be able to understand wine
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  • If you're this fashionable, you may just be able to understand wine
Thank the goddess, someone is finally stepping up to explain wine to us poor women who can't quite wrap our little minds around all its complexities. That's right, wine has been translated to fashion terms! According to a press release I got recently, in the book Wine for Women author and TV host Leslie Sbrocco "equates wine to fashion so that readers can understand what grape varieties are like."

Not sure exactly what that means? Well, "For example; a crisp Sauvignon Blanc is like a perfectly pressed white button down shirt, a Chardonnay is your black dress, a go-top [sic] option that goes with nearly everything . . ."

Now all I need is someone to teach me about fashion, and I'll be set.

OK, but ladies, I know what you're thinking now . . . WHEN can I drink wine? Sbrocco's got you covered there too; she's also the author of The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide, which includes a "Reasons" chapter. About this, the press release says only, "Baby shower some lovely whites for the ladies or Beers/Cocktails for a Man's Poker night." The lack of punctuation makes things a little confusing, but it sort of doesn't matter because what it's saying is complete nonsense anyway. As I understand it, ladies are allowed to drink lovely white wines at baby showers. If you're a Man, on the other hand, you can attend Poker nights and drink Beers or Cocktails. Wait, cocktails? Aren't those a little girly for Poker night? I mean, I could see having cocktails at a poker night, but Poker nights are serious stuff.

Anyway, if you're of the lady persuasion and all of this sounds intriguing to you, you're in luck! Sbrocco will be in town tonight and tomorrow night for two Thirsty Girl ladies' nights in conjunction with Shecky's. According to the press release, "Attendees will discover unique designers and cap their night with some pretty pampering and glorious Goodie Bags."

5-10 PM, Thu-Fri 4/19-4/20, Union Station Great Hall, 210 S. Canal (entrance on Jackson), 312-258-8477, $10 general admission, $30 general admission plus goodie bag. Buy tickets online here.


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