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This week on the B Side


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Record Store Day has become a far bigger deal than anyone could have imagined when it launched five years ago. How big? Well, we've dedicated a large chunk of this week's B Side to an extensive guide that includes Kevin Warwick's primer on the holiday and some key local celebrations, my advice for navigating the many exclusive RSD releases, and Peter Margasak's discussion of the controversial (in some corners of record geekdom) phenomenon of RSD pop-up shops. Of course we've also got a list of participating stores that includes hours, sales, promotions, giveaways, in-store performances, and more. We even made you a map.

(I've been told that the Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding RSD single I mentioned actually costs more than my $5 guesstimate at wholesale, meaning it will be even more at retail, which is absolutely insane and demonstrates perfectly why so many people are bummed on RSD these days. And by the way, I'm dead serious about the Buck Owens thing.)

Elsewhere on the B Side, Bill Meyer reviews a pair of albums of North African music, including the stunning compilation Music From Saharan Cellphones; Gossip Wolf introduces us to Fake Limbs, Mister Lies, and disbanded Columbia punk rippers the Pows (definitely check out that link to the Pows album on Soundcloud); the Secret History of Chicago Music introduces us to underrecognized folksinger Cindy Mangsen; and Soundboard recommends shows from Racebannon, Tanlines, Bloodiest, Terry Malts, Pontiak, and more.

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