12 O'Clock Track: Doctorshopper, "Cognitive Fog" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Doctorshopper, "Cognitive Fog"


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Recently a friend of mine turned me on to a little blog focusing on obscure punk and metal acts: Mind Intrusion. I immediately fell into a rabbit hole of hyperlinks to Bandcamp, Facebook, and MediaFire pages. I found some real winners, chief among them an LA metal group called Doctorshopper.

Today's 12 O'Clock Track is "Cognitive Fog," a cut off their newish album, Degenerate Utopia.

"Cognitive Fog" sounds like an avalanche—punishing blastbeats, waves of guitar distortion, layers of guttural howling—that comes to a crashing halt amid a haze of feedback. Be sure to grab the whole album from Doctorshopper's Bandcamp page for free.

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