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Did you see Heaven?


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ack Holström Schnieder, Hot
  • Jack Holström Schneider, Hot
A while back, PeregrineProgram founder Edmund Chia was chatting with artist Mary Heilmann at the Art Institute. Chia recalls Heilmann asking, with a smirk on her face, “Did you see Heaven?” She was referring to Heaven, a painting of hers, but she was also alluding to a conceptual idea of heaven. With this in mind, Chia decided to curate the two-part exhibition “Did You See Heaven?” at PeregrineProgram; the first part, “Did You See Heaven: Spectra,” opens on Sunday.

Chia founded PeregrineProgram as a place where artists could create work in response to a physical gallery space. The idea for “Spectra,” beyond his talk with Heilmann, came from his student Jack Holström Schneider. “Jack had made this painting Hot, and for some reason I found the colors just exhilarating,” says Chia. “The eight-foot work has amazing hues, aggressive scale. The paint application was hand-brushed, not air-brushed. It reminded me of the Heilmann conversation.”

For “Spectra,” Chia selected pieces that play with color and scale—many of them are abstract—in order to tease out various meanings. He chose both student artists and more established artists as a way to foster cross-generational conversations. “One can either make interesting links between the pieces or choose to think the show does nothing, answering the title premise in the negative,” says Chia. “I just hope that a viewer will discern the imagistic and evocative qualities of the work.”

The second installment of the exhibition, "Did You See Heaven: WYSIWYG," opens next fall.

Sun 5/6, 4-7 PM, PeregrineProgram, 3311 W. Carroll, #119.

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