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Mayor Daley for mayor!


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No, up with Daley! No, wait . . .
  • No, up with Daley! No, wait . . .
Public school parents, teachers, and students have found an unlikely ally in their fight against Mayor Emanuel's longer school day.

That's the proposal where the mayor makes students spend more time in school, but offers nothing in the way of ideas, money, or resources to do with the extra time.

Think of it as his sit-there-and-look-at-the-wall-strategy to public education.

Anyway, Mayor Daley came out against it.

He told a TV interviewer: "To me, to take a fourth-grader or a sixth-grader or a high school student, and say you're going to stay more than six hours—we need quality instructions."

Amen, Mister Mayor!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, actually, I hope I could.

It's one of those vintage Mayor Daley sentences where you think he's going one place but he winds up going somewhere else. So you have to guess what he's driving at.

It's Mayor Daley's latest take on the subject. Years ago, he talked about making teachers work a longer day. Then he dropped the idea 'cause there was no money to pay for it. And then in the last few months of his reign—when he was losing his mind with crabbiness—he lambasted the teachers union for not working a longer day.

Now, it looks as though he was back where he started on the subject.

It's almost enough to make me wish he were still mayor. I said almost!

I'm starting to think that Mayor Daley's like one of those rock stars whose old songs sound better over time. Like Neil Young. And Bob Dylan. And John Lennon. But not Crosby, Stills & Nash. I think we'll all agree we're a little ashamed to admit we ever liked Crosby, Stills & Nash.

If I hear that "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" one more time . . .

Let's take a moment to imagine how bad the next mayor has to be before Mayor Rahm looks good.

I'll give Daley this . . .

When it came to education, he had enough sense to know that there's only so far you could push teachers and parents. Then he'd back off.

I guess that's because he knew he was planning to be mayor for a long, long time and he didn't need to make a whole lot of enemies.

In contrast, Mayor E's got bigger plans. We’re all just the rungs on the ladder he's climbing to get wherever it is that he really wants to go.

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