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Breaking news: Mayor Rahm appreciates teachers!



Got a press release from City Hall, telling me how much Mayor Emanuel appreciates teachers.

"Teachers deserve our gratitude each and every day, but especially during this week of recognition," Mayor Emanuel said in the press release.

Caught me by surprise. I mean, I know it's National Teacher Appreciation Week and everything, but if the mayor appreciates teachers, he's certainly got a funny way of showing it.

The press release went on to say that Mayor Emanuel’s favorite teacher is a guy from New Trier.

Oh, geez! That explains things.

Apparently, Mayor Emanuel's appreciation for teachers is a little like his affinity for the principles of the Democratic Party—it shows up only when he leaves Chicago.

He's certainly not shown much appreciation for Chicago's public school teachers.

Just the opposite. Having already cut their pay, he's ordering them to work longer for less, while converting more unionized schools into lower-paying, nonunion charters and playing hardball in contract negotiations. It sure looks like he's itching for a strike.

All in the name of helping the kids, of course.

Because, as we all know—nothing says good education like a beaten-down bunch of unappreciated teachers!

Along with the press release comes a link to an interview featuring Mayor Emanuel extolling the virtues of his favorite teacher—a history teacher he had back at New Trier.

My goodness, what a frightening thought—Rahm as a teenage high school student.

If he was anything then like he is now, he was impulsive, brash, and nasty. Probably told a teacher or two to go fuck themselves. Those New Trier teachers deserve every penny they got for putting up with him.

Wait! I must correct a mistake . . .

Rahm did not—repeat, did not—go to New Trier.

He went to New Trier West.

There's a difference.

Back in Rahm's high school days there were two New Triers—an East and a West.

New Trier officials closed the west campus after enrollment fell. But they recently reopened it as a freshmen-only school.

For a while, some officials talked about reopening it as a separate high school. But lots of parents said no, and so New Trier officials bowed to the will of the people.

Those parents in Wilmette, Winnetka, and Glencoe sure are lucky Rahm wasn't running the show in New Trier when they were having their great debate over what to do with the old New Trier West.

Man, he'd have brought in busloads of paid protesters to demand that they reopen it as New Trier West. Just to show everybody who's the boss.

Which reminds me . . .

"Wake up, everybody, no more sleeping in bed!"

Sorry, different post.

Anyway, I'm happy Mayor Emanuel got such a great education from all those unionized, union-contract-protected, tenured teachers at New Trier West.

Just wish he wanted the same thing for the public school kids in Chicago.